The ParserMonster Philosophy of simple, everyday automation has resulted in many happy clients. The following are just a few testimonials:

Michael O'Brien Washington DC

I found Mitch through Freelancer and am so glad our paths connected. He does quality work, is highly comprehensive, has good attention to detail, is highly responsive, and has excellent communication skills. I will definitely use him again and tell my friends about him. You really cannot ask for more in someone.

Joshua Nulton Nakhon Ratchasima Thailand

This developer is the king! Daily my employees sift through thousands of audio files for transcription but the various recorders do not put the time and date stamps on the filenames; Mitch (ParserMonster) fixed this, saving me nearly 300 payroll hours per year. I will be back for more custom software solutions. With this software nearly 700 files were renamed in about 2.5 seconds, we now convert batches this size 3-4 times per day. Thank you!

Deniz Oztan

Excellent job, I am very happy this [Excel Macro] is working. I am very excited and thank you for sticking with this problem and figuring out a solution, I really appreciate the professionalism you have.

Tim Darling

Great to work with Fast and sharp Had lots of ideas and constantly kept me updated with the development process and pros/cons of decisions and things I hadn't thought of... thoughtful, very high expertise.