Watch Folders
Monitoring folders is only half the fun! (Automating tasks is the other half)

Task: Continuously watch folders from Dropbox for work files. Edit master file with work file details and deliver a copy of customized file to consultants.


  • Dropbox compatibility
  • Create document by merging Word and Excel
  • Integrate with external software (screen capture macro utility)

The biggest challenge, by far, was integrating with a screen recording program. Microsoft Word does not have a programmable method for removing links from a document. A screen recording program can capture the keystrokes and clicks that a user would employ to accomplish this task manually. Once the recorded macro is working, it can be called from within the Watch Folders utility.

Watching folders has four basic requirements:

  • Where to Watch – Define the Folders
  • What to Watch – Specify Files to Process
  • When to Watch – Set Scan Intervals
  • What Actions – Define tasks to be Automated

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