Simple. Everyday. Automation.

Hire Me!

You know what you’re doing. Sometimes, you just want someone or something to make your job easier. Let me help you become more productive with your file processing chores:

  • Stop copying and pasting those weekly updates by hand
  • Reduce the number of steps in repetitive tasks
  • Convert that massive contact list into a useful format
  • Fix, enhance or manage your Microsoft Access Access database

Control Your Costs

Hourly rates make you cringe? Step up to a flat fee for the project and get these benefits:

  • Free project management workspace on Basecamp – nothing to download or install!
  • Dropbox, OneDrive or Box storage space during project, if needed

Safety, First

If you prefer to work with escrowed funds, just visit my profile on one of these trusted freelance sites:

Click to request a Quote!

Click to request a Quote!